The Fishers robotics team has continued to grow each year.  This year the 2018 – 2019 season is building on the success of the previous year, and also adding even more new students.  We are excited to see what these students can accomplish when working as a team.

Michael Ogawa

Lead Title : Mechanical

Bio: I am a senior here at FHS, and this is my second year as a part of 5010. During my first year, I built a holonomic robot for our inter-team Vex competition, I lead the construction of the intake for our competition bot, and I was the co-driver during competitions. Also, I love airplanes.

Information for interested members: Be willing to learn. You might not know anything now, but by the end of the year you could be doing great things as long as you are willing to learn.

Robotics Experience: I love how I get to spend many hours with smart, dedicated people all working together to build a robot. I also love learning many skills that will be useful to my life as a future engineer.

Fun Fact: I may love airplanes, and I may want to be an aeronautical engineer, but I have never flown in an airplane before.

Zach Cahill

Lead Title: Mechanical and Business

Bio: Hello! I’m a Junior at Fishers High School, and this will be my 3rd year in the 5010 Tiger Dynasty team. I help teach and lead students when it comes to using machines and building the chassis of our robot. I also work on the information we give sponsors and look at how we are able to improve the team in order to make it productive and professional as ever.

Information for interested members: Robotics is an amazing place to work together to complete the goal of building a robot. People think that everyone in robotics has had some experience with machines or electronics, but the truth is that all it takes is an open mind and dedication in order to learn the skill to make a robot.

Fun Fact: Over the summer, I like to practice my archery skills when I can and work on some online classes to improve or enhance my current skill set.


Lead Title: Mechanical

Bio: Hi, this is my second year being apart of 5010 and I am currently a junior at Fishers High School.

Information for interested members: One crucial thing when joining the robotics team is to be ready to take responsibility on things that you do.

Robotics Experience: I love working with the team members who are dedicated to working hard on the robot. Here you can learn very crucial leading skills and team working skills that will be useful in the real world. A great factor also about the robotics team is that there are many smart people and when coming up with an idea about the robotics team is that there are many smart people and when coming up with an idea there is a lot of debating. This can help you learn how to strengthen your arguments and that be confident in presenting your ideas. The team is a great place to learn how perspectives can differ between people.

Fun Fact: I am looking to improve my knowledge in areas I struggle in.

Jonah Lurton

Lead Title: Programming Lead

Bio: I am a Junior who has always had a passion for everything computers.

Information for interested members: A big part of robotics is the teamwork aspect, and this really comes to life in programming. Because of the nature of it, having good communication skills and team work is quite important.

Robotics Experience: I love seeing creations come to life and compete on the field, and it gives me an opportunity to both practice my passion (computers) and hang out with my friends.

Fun Fact: If you ask me to share snacks, I will, but if you try and take some without asking, I won’t let you have any. Also if you steal food I will like you less.

Jackson Lee

Lead Title: Programming Lead

Bio: Hi, I am a junior from Fishers High School and this is my third year on Tiger Dynasty. I have really enjoyed being able to program robots and trying to find solutions to problems even if they aren’t always right.

Information for interested members: I am a strong believer of try doing something even though it might not be the right thing.

Robotics Experience: I love meeting new people of all kinds, talking with my friends, and learning about anything I can.

Fun Fact: I like playing lots of games and browsing memes

Kayla Stoeffler

Lead Title: Business Lead

Bio: I am a junior at FHS and this is my third year as a part of Tiger Dynasty. My dream has been to work as an engineer since I was in the sixth grade. I am one of the Business leads for our team and I also work with the mechanical division. Outside of robotics, I work as a junior coach for a special needs gymnastics team.

Robotics Experience: I love being able to design, create, and drive a robot that our team comes up with. Being able to be part of Tiger Dynasty is not only fun, but I get to learn how to work with other and how to collaborate when things are difficult.

Fun Fact: I am referred to as the “Broken One” on the team. I have hypermobility syndrome, which causes me to sprain my wrists and ankles very easily. Since seventh grade, I have had four surgeries, one on each limb, and I haven’t gone more than a month without some kind of medical brace on. Also- I really like foxes.