Week 1 Roundup

Welcome to Tiger Dynasty’s blog, The Tiger Stripe! Very recently, our team visited Launch Fishers for the kickoff of the robotics season! There, we learned what this year’s game for our robot is. This year, some Disney imagineers got involved in the game creation for the FRC competitions and came up with a game called SRONGHOLD. In summary, our goal is to build a robot able to overcome obstacles such as crossing moats, opening doors, and defeating the opposing team’s castle.  You can learn more about the competition down below.  Also, for several hours, we brainstormed what our plan was in a group discussion.

Now, we are meeting every day and putting in extra hours to make sure we are prepared for the first competition!  Currently, the systems design team is about done making all the parts in CAD for the robot.  They will be presenting their design to some Rolls Royce design engineers on Tuesday for them to critique their design.  The mechanical team is about done creating every game element for the robot to practice with.  The electrical team is helping the mechanical team get all the field elements created on time.  Lastly, the programming team is working on code for the drive base.

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