Team Visits Waterjet Cutting Facility

24664127922_95c7c09dd4_zWelcome to the Tiger Dynasty’s blog, The Tiger Stripe! Recently, we went to Waterjet Cutting of Indiana (WJI).The systems design team has a very good design planned out, and hopefully it will help us earn enough points to get through to state! Several weeks ago,our team visited Launch Fishers for the kickoff of the robotics season! There, we learned what this year’s game for our robot will be – First Stronghold.

We are meeting every day and putting in extra hours to make sure we are prepared for the first competition! The systems design team has designed an efficient and well-working robot. They presented the design ideas to the mentors. Ideas for improvement were tossed around. The systems design team next put their plans in the CAD system. The mechanical team created every game element for the robot to practice with. The electrical team is helping the mechanical team get all the field elements created on time. Lastly, the programming team is working on code for the drive base. We can’t wait for the first competition!