Competition at Tippecanoe

Welcome to the Tiger Dynasty’s blog, The Tiger Stripe! This past weekend, the tigers traveled to compete in the 2017 First Steamworks competition at Tippecanoe, Indiana. Teams from across Indiana, and one team from Michigan, came to compete under one roof at Tippecanoe.




Most of us would be confident to say that we had major improvements in rankings compared to last year, even ending up in the quarterfinals. Overall, it was a great experience for veterans and newcomers alike as there was plenty of activity and spirit for the Tigers while we were there. Our drive team worked fearlessly to put our bot in the spotlight and push it to its limit.


The game this year has added a new level of depth to FIRST Robotics competitions with the introduction of Human Players having a task on the field (as normally the entire team is behind the sidelines). Teams would place gears onto an airship that the robots on the field would collect and deliver to Human Players. Aside from the new game mechanic, robots could also pick up green whiffle balls that served as fuel for the airship, and shot them in a lower goal, and a higher goal of a boiler. Near the end of the match, pilots of the airship would drop down ropes that the robots would have to scale/climb. This was an exciting feature similar to the climbing of the towers of last year’s competition, Stronghold. The stands went wild as our spirit filled the gymnasium cheering on our bot. This years game was definitely just as interesting to build for and compete in as it was to spectate.








Members of the pit worked hard to make sure that we could succeed (even if that means telling the adults to let the students handle the problems themselves). Our team had plenty of experience and knowledge used to create and maintain a robot that could work as an all-around skilled machine that stood out from other teams. It had the potential to tackle many other areas of the game and have a higher point potential than many other teams.

The team has learned a lot from this competition, and will certainly use that knowledge in the competition on March 25th-26th at Perry Meridian to hopefully gain the upper hand and achieve even higher rankings than this previous competition. All of us from 5010 are pumped to attend the next competition here in just a few short weeks.