VEX competition night – November 2nd

The mini-bot boot camp will wrap up on November 2nd, with a tournament. This should be another fun night. There will be a round of qualification matches, followed by a break for a parent meeting and then the tournament. A victor will be crowned at the end of the night.

HSE high school may be coming to compete.

The competition will be in the main gym, so parents and friends may park on the athletic side of the building.

Welcome Back Everyone!!

It will be an exciting and new start to our new year for 5010. We will have a call out meeting 8/21/2018 which will be taking place at 3:05 after school in room C102. Anyone is welcome to swing by and become apart of the team.

2018 Competitions!

Our official competition days are March 24-25 at Plainfield High School, and March 30-31 at William Henry Harrison High School.  The competition at Henry Harrison will require that some students miss school, but only a select few will go during the school day to Henry Harrison.  The rest of the students will have to come after school with the rest of the team.  Anyone is welcome to come see us compete and cheer us on!  Power Up!

First Mudsock Vex Competition with HSE

HSE and Fishers competed together in 20 matches with around 14 robots on Friday night. In the end it was Fishers vs HSE and fishers came out on top! A great way to start the school year for Tiger Dynasty