2014 FIRST Robotics Competition Game: Aerial Assist

FRC Kickoff marks the beginning of the design and build season for the 2014 season. Build season starts today and will end on February 18th.

During this build season, we will have 6-weeks to brainstorm, prototype, build, and test a robot that will comply with the regulations of the Aerial Assist Game.

Aerial Assist Game Animation Video

Brownsburg Precision Robotics Competition

Brownsburg Precision Robotics Competition – Brownsburg High School (11/9/2013)

The Fishers High School Robotics Team successfully competed at our second off-season event. This off-season event allowed us to experience more of what the real competition will be like in March.

At the competition, our team played into the semi-finals, but our alliance was defeated. Our drive team for this competition comprised of new drivers and allowed them to have a hands-on experience of competing in this type of competition.



Hobbes v1.5

Our Team

Alliance Teams